[center]Roland VS Anthology 1987 for Concerto v1.0-R2R

Roland VS Anthology 1987 for Concerto v1.0-R2R (11/8)

Roland VS Anthology 1987 for Concerto v1.0-R2R | 1.97 GB
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The Cincinnati Anthology

The Cincinnati Anthology by Zan McQuade
English | July 13th, 2016 | ISBN: 0985944129 | 264 Pages | EPUB | 41.40 MB
This anthology brings together some of Cincinnati's most notable residents, native sons and daughters, creatives, and contemplators to tell tales of a city's triumphs and tribulations through essays, artwork, and photography. The work reflects the complexity of the city: its present and its past, its transition and its legacy; what defines it and distinguishes it; what makes us love it and what makes some eventually leave it.
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Grand Rapids Grassroots An Anthology

Ashley E. Nickels, Dani Vilella, "Grand Rapids Grassroots: An Anthology"
ISBN: 0998018821 | 2017 | EPUB | 216 pages | 1 MB

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Paperback LA Book 1: A Casual Anthology: Clothes, Coffee, Crushes, Crimes

Paperback LA Book 1: A Casual Anthology: Clothes, Coffee, Crushes, Crimes by Susan LaTempa
English | May 8th, 2018 | ISBN: 1945551240 | 152 Pages | EPUB | 44.37 MB
Paperback LA is a surprising and witty collection of some of the best writing ever about Los Angeles. More than a dozen major selections include new work and fresh discoveries: a radio broadcast, a ballad, a magazine article, excerpts from prizewinning novels and memoirs. These pieces are punctuated by perceptive photo essays, a quotable lineup of one-liners, and other quick hits.
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Making Literature Matter: An Anthology for Readers and Writers

ISBN: 1319054722 | 2017 | EPUB | 1394 Pages | 42 MB

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Dead Island - Anthology (2014-2016)
Dead Island - Anthology (2014-2016) PC Size:10.95 GB | RePack by Mizantrop1337
Year: 2014 -2016
Publication Type: RePack
Genre: Action , Adventure
Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Fatshark
Version: 1.0 Update 2
Language: Multi
Tablet: Encryption (SSE)

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Roland Cloud - Anthology 1993 v.1.0 (Concerto)
Roland Cloud - Anthology 1993 v.1.0 (Concerto) | 6.41 GB

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Roland - Anthology 1986 v.3.1 (Concerto)
Roland - Anthology 1986 v.3.1 (Concerto) | 2.19 GB

1986 and the years that followed saw the harware synthesizer inspiration for Roland Cloud's Anthology 1986 grace some of the most iconic New Wave, Rock, Funk, and Pop tracks to come out of the Eighties. Although this synth is a perfect addition to any track or composition requiring a retro vibe, it drops perfectly into modern rock, ambient, EDM or pretty much any genre seeking a perfect synth sound. The original was availble new from 1986-1989 and we've reintroduced it as part of your Roland Cloud Core membership.
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Dishonored - Anthology (2012-2017) RG Mechanics
Dishonored - Anthology (2012-2017) PC | Repack by RG Mechanics Size: 48.44 GB
Genre : the Action , 3D , 1st the Person, Stealth
Developer : Arkane Studios
Publisher : Bethesda Softworks
Platform : PC
Publication Type : Repack
Language : English ...
Sound language : English ...

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Psychiatry Interrogated: An Institutional Ethnography Anthology

Psychiatry Interrogated: An Institutional Ethnography Anthology by Bonnie Burstow
English | 9 Nov. 2016 | ISBN: 331941173X | 256 Pages | EPUB | 1.21 MB
This edited volume is an anthology of institutional ethnography (IE) inquiries into psychiatry―the first ever to be written. It focuses on a large variety of different geographic locations and constitutes a major contribution
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